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Welcome to European Financial Services - where we work hard for you, our valued client. Our team specializes in various financial services such as reporting of costs, proof of eligibility, qualitative evaluation for each cost item, training, and more. We strive to provide the best solutions and actions that align with your interests and needs. 


European Financial Services aims to develop a partner network to consult you along your way to public funding. We offer the most transparent Horizon Europe Financial Reporting you can experience to make it eligible for obtaining public funds. EUFIS’s objective is to minimize the risks for the partners/LTPs and to minimize it’s global error rate. Besides inancial services we organise training sessions customized for the Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe & EIT

We offer the most transperent Horizon Europe Financial Reporting you can experience to make eligible for obtaining public funds.


Projects can be challeging; we are here to lightenthe load off your shoulders. We are an honest and positive proffessional team whose priority is always the interest of our client providing capability, adaptability and scalability. Since 2000 we've been serving loyal clients in Europe - get in touch to start enjoying our services today.

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