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Horizon Europe:
Research and Innovation

Horizon Europe is the European Union's flagship program for research and innovation funding programme until 2027, allocated a substantial budget of €95.5 billion. This program is dedicated to addressing critical global challenges, contributing to sustainability goals, and enhancing Europe's competitiveness. Horizon Europe fosters collaboration, fuels job creation, promotes industrial competitiveness, and optimizes investments within the European Research Area.


Key Features of Horizon Europe:

  • European Innovation Council: A major focus on supporting innovative projects, especially for SMEs, with 70% of the budget allocated.

  • Missions: Ambitious initiatives designed to achieve measurable goals within specified timeframes.

  • Open Science Policy: Mandates open access to publications and applies open science principles.

  • New Partnership Approach: Enhanced partnerships with industry to align with EU policy objectives.

Horizon Europe continues to drive Europe's scientific leadership and innovation capabilities while addressing pressing global issues.

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